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ASA Firewall

Cisco ASA Firewall

ASA Firewall Course training by IP4Networkers in Bangalore is one of the advance courses run for professionals who has already got himself in security domain. Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances. The Cisco ASA Firewall  is an extremely popular firewall used by millions of companies around the globe to secure their network from unauthorized access and a broad range of sophisticated attacks. Coupled with the SSM-AIP (Advanced Instruction Prevention module); the Cisco ASA can not only filter traffic based on access-list but can also inspect application layer traffic and enforce security policies based on signature attacks such as SQL Injections, Worms, Mal-ware and even certain types of SPAM.

The ASA is a deep packet inspection security device used to protect your network(s) against unauthorized access. The Cisco ASA has many functions, some of which include enforcing access control lists, randomizing source port numbers sequence numbers while enforcing protocol compliance. Engineers Having good knowledge and skills in ASA firewall are very much in demand and preferred by any companies.

The Cisco ASA course by IP4 NETWROKERS will give in depth knowledge and understanding of the working and implementing ASA firewall in a network. By completion of this course you will be able to deploy, configure, manager and troubleshoot complex security policies on a ASA firewall environment.

Basic Overview:

• Types of interface
• Hardware specification
• Security level
• State full inspection

Basic Configuration:

• Interface configuration
• Security Levels
• Management (Telnet/SSH)
• Routing (RIPv2,EIGRP,OSPF,BGP)
• Access policies
• Object groups
• NAT (Dynamic,/Static NAT, Dynamic /Static PAT,
• Destination NAT, Manual NAT)

Transparent Firewall:

• Initialisation
• Access Policies
• Ether types ACL’s


• Redundant interface
• Port-Channel
• Security Context
• Failover (Active/standby & Active/Active)

Deep-packet- inspection Using MPF:

• Tuning the global policies
• Configuring Custom Layer 7 Policy


• Site-to-Site IPsec
• Remote access (IKEv2 &SSL)

Three different tracks :-

Regular Track → 2 Hrs. Session per day
Weekend Track → 3 Hrs. Session per day.
Total Duration → 15 Days


Students intended to participate in this training program should have knowledge of TCP/IP addressing and routing, switching, Common network terminology, inter networking concepts,CCNA R&S, equivalent knowledge of how routers and routing protocols operate. Good understanding of IGPs like RIP, OSPF and EIGRP.

For Admissions call 8861200802 / 080 – 48543567
Program-Name Super-Fast-Track Fast-Track Regular-Track Price(Rs.)
CISCO ASA 07 Days 15 Days 40 Days 15000/-
Program-Name Super-Fast-Track Fast-Track Regular-Track Price($(US))
CISCO ASA 07 Days 15 Days 40 Days 450

For Admissions call 8861200802 / 080 – 48543567.